How it works

Capture, Inspect and Forward HTTP requests to your desktop for debugging & development. No messing around with IPTables, Corporate Firewalls or router settings, just download now and get started.

Download App

Download the Desktop App. We have versions available on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Get Unique URL

Generate a unique endpoint URL for your Webhook. Use this on serivces that support a webhook feature.

Send HTTP Requests

HTTP requests can then be sent to your unique endpoint URL allowing you to Inspect & Redirect the request to your local projects.


Download now for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Downloads are no longer supported and have been removed.

Use Cases

API Integrations

Redirect any request to your local environment

Bool allows you to send incoming webhook traffic to your local development environments without needing to configure router settings or change corporate firewalls.

Background process monitoring

Keep an audit log of errored/successful cronjobs

Using Bool you can create a webhook to monitor any periodic task and get notified when they fail to complete. Keep a easily accessible log on your desktop of all errored & successful processes.

Ad-hoc notifications

Send yourself notifications via curl

Receive desktop notifications for ad-hoc events like new Customer Registrations, Newsletter Signups or Onboarding Milestones.



  • 2 Webhook endpoints
  • Unthrottled API requests
  • Dragons
One-time payment

  • Unlimited Webhook endpoints
  • Unthrottled API requests
  • 🐉 🐉 🐉 🐉

Get started

Download now for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Bool is a Desktop Application that connects your desktop to a webhook endpoint allowing you to receive incoming HTTP requests and redirect them to your local development environment.